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Operational business strategy set up

Guiding teams, responding to new consumer trends, or protecting departments economic results are the dilemmas that the entrepreneur must anticipate and manage

Opérations - Strat co
expert produits frais

Your goals

  • Build-up a clear business strategy to ensure sustainable development

  • Clearly define the operating model

My methodologies

  • Defining fresh division directions in line with your Business Model

Experienced in implementing business strategies

SOPs definition

Holding and respecting SOPs will ensure the smooth running of your business and the optimization of costs and profits

Opérations - SOP
Réunion d'équipe de remue-méninges
  • Having SOP in place and known from all

  • The flow of goods is under control

Your goals

My methodologies

  • Implementing operational excellence by developing working methods & processes for all departments

Participation in the complete revision of SOPs for a hypermarket chain in 2018

Operations - Connaissances cient

Better customers knowledge to develop sales

Define the growth model, based on operational excellence, competitiveness and the power of omnichannel supply, in order to translate these gains into market shares

expert produits frais

Your goals

  • Become the most attractive trader in my catchment area by meeting customers' expectations:

- Offer

- Prices

- Services

My methodologies

  • Synergy between sales teams & MKT

  • Transforming customer data and sales into business information

Serving customers for more than 40 years

Operating account management

Sustained supervision and coaching of management

Operations - gestion
expert produits frais

Your goals

  • Keep the operating account under control

  • Identify &  stop the known and unknown shrinkage

My methodologies

  • Train managers on best practices management to control their operating accounts

  • Make regular analysis and corrective actions

Set managers'


Operations - Hygiène alimentaire

Food hygiene best practices

Fresh Food Expertise will accompany you in optimizing the freshness of products, reducing losses, to reach customer satisfaction

fresh food expert

Your goals

  • Put food hygiene rules in place

  • The freshness of products has to be irreproachable

My methodologies

  • Develop simple and effective processes

Strong experience on field link to food hygienic processes

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