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Purchasing office good practices

Focus on a partnership with suppliers for a long-term business and a sustainable future for your company

Achat - Bonne pratiques
Consultant produits frais

Your goals

  • Purchase direction defined to meet business model

  • Optimize annual and weekly negotiations

  • Category Management compliance

My methodologies

  • Categories purchasing policy in place

  • KPIs good practices set up

14 years + experience in purchasing office

Budget preparation, tracking and management: Sales & Profits

Implement methods, processes and levers for growth a solid business economic development

Achat - préparer budget
expertise produits frais
  • Keeping the sales and profit budget under control and aligned with the forecast

  • Ensuring sustainable revenue growth

Your goals

My methodologies

  • Budget analysis and preparation at the sub-category level

  • Focus on suppliers generating 80/20 sales

  • Transforming data into business information

Annual P&L management experience : 170 M€ yearly

Achat - Dev Assortiments

Assortment development

In today's modern business it is important that companies meet customer’s expectations and follow food trends such as: organic, own-made, local, ethnic, vegan, vegetarian... to expand its market share

assortiment produits frais

Your goals

  • Meets customers expectations by building the right products offer

  • Assortment renewal mastering

  • Ensuring revenue development

My methodologies

  • Assortment revitalization training

  • Food e-commerce deployment

  • Mastering assortment to match each customers profile :     B to C - B to B

Rich of a strong product knowledge

Promotional dynamic optimization

As a significant part of the turnover, promotions must be treated with methodology in order to control profit, while ensuring the dynamism of sales

Achats - promotion
Consultant produits frais

Your goals

  • Offering attractive and dynamic promotions

  • Mastering promotional activity

My methodologies

  • Tools and processes development

  • MKT team gives the market trend to the purchasing team

Effectiveness of tools and processes, the best allies   in the manager category

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