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Vegetables spring range

Spring vegetable range has arrived!

New colors and new flavors are driving away the winter range for good. Salads, radishes, asparagus and tomatoes... want to make their way on shelves!

This is where fruit & vegetable manager experience and know-how will make the difference. Previous year sales, layout plan and many other tools and processes must be used cleverly by the department manager. Of course, store team management should be able to support it in this important stage of season change.

Huge asset of the store, it is vital to properly prepare range revitalization for the fruit & vegetable department.

Major and differentiating, customers are following this change of season closely. Quality, price, origin, everything is scanned on a daily basis; because for the F&L department, the change is permanent. This is the reason why we say that every day a new department is set up.

Do not hesitate to contact me to support your team.

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