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Management - organisation

Team organization optimization

The management has the know-how and the methods to put in place effective management and optimization of the business model

optimisation produits frais

Your goals

  • Fresh food team is well organized

  • Labor cost optimization

My methodologies

  • Defining job description

  • Executive training

Strength management experience, to add value to your corporation organisation

Team management and controls

Two essential qualities of knowledgeable managers, who will free themself from purely operational tasks and ensure the smooth running of their department

Management - Délégations
équipes produits frais

Your goals

  • Managers must know how to allocate responsibilities to team members

  • Checks are done regularly

My methodologies

  • Coaching on team management method

  • Creating department checklists

Familiar with the implementation of simple and effective methods and tools

Recruiting good managers

Having a team that lives up to your expectations

Management - recrutement
Femme professionnelle

Your goals

  • Recruit new, highly-qualified employees

  • Detect and accompany future managers

My methodologies

  • Fresh Food Expertise will screen future candidates, through focused interviews on business knowledge

  • Preparing a tailored integration plan for newcomers, or newly promoted people

Extensive experience in recruitment

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