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Meat poultry BBQ

Butchery department’s start, the BBQ, prime rib, the sausage range and many other dishes, will have a major importance in the shopping list very soon. Indeed, customers will feast around the traditional BBQ with the arrival of sunny days.

Grill range will have a very important share in the turnover and profit of the meat / poultry department.

Customer expectations will be high: everyone wants to find what they are looking for, between fans of prime rib, fans of marinated white meats or even lovers of others specificities.

This crucial event in the meat / poultry department must be prepared in advance by the department manager with the help of the sector manager. Previous year sales, range of products, shelf space adjustment and many other parameters must be taken into account methodically.

I strongly recommend to make a sales plan, and to share it with the store manager in order to discuss and optimize the preparation!

Start a season that will delight all grill garden masters and families around fantastic summer BBQs!

Do not hesitate to contact me to optimize the preparation of this event.

I wish you happy sales!

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